Stepper & Stair Climber

Fitness Training Pull Rope Endless Rope Trainer

Item No.: HES-049
* 6 levels resistance
* Available height 1.2 to 2 meter
* Suitable various rack like squat rack, cross fit rack etc
Description Endless Rope Show

Endless rope training have dozens of ways to workout. When choosing high resistance, can effectively carry out whole body strength training. When choosing low resistance, aerobic training will be fit. If you're tired of traditional running way, let's try the endless rope training, it will bring you a different fitness experience.

The installation is very simple, whether you are indoor or outdoor, just fix the bandage to the bracket or the wall, then you can start to exercise. The multi-purpose bandage increases the use scope of the product and is almost unlimited by the position.

Total 6 levels resistance adjustment, the trainers can choose the right resistance according to their own situation.

Endless rope trainer adopt TPU rope. As TPU has oil resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance and high flexural strength which greatly increases the service life of the product.

Except the outside rubber cover, the whole product is wrapped with high density metal, which not only increases the strength but also improves the appearance of the product.

                                                                                                        * Magnetic resistance in 6 levels
                                                                                                        * Apply the height 1.2m to 2m
                                                                                                        * Suit for squat rack, crossfit rack, multi rack etc machine
                                                                                                        * Size: 450*280*200mm
                                                                                                        * Package size: 580*250*200mm
                                                                                                        * Max user weight: 150kgs



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